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A listing of compact disks that one might find
in today's market.

Recent Additions 2016-2022
Derek Hickey "Derek Hickey," Dermot Byrne and Steve Cooney,"  Natasha Sheehy "Ship In The Clouds," J Hernon "P J Hernon and Sons," P J Hernon "First House in Connaught," Josephine Marsh "Music in the Frame," Peter Browne "Sidewinder," Bobby Gardiner "B/C Accordian Tutor," Dermot Byrne "Liag," Johnny Óg Connolly "Fear Inis Bearachain" "Fad Saoil," Charlie Piggott "The Days That Are Gone," Damien O'Reilly "Dúchas," Mick McAuley "Highs & Bellows," Johnny Óg Connolly "Fear Inis Bearachain," Tommy Mellett "An Tower," Dan Possumato "The Last Pint," John O'Neill "A Place That's Home," Dan Gurney "Ignorance Is Bliss," Daithí Gormley "Fiddling Without a Bow,"  Luke Deaton & Jane Pomplas " My Mind Will Never Be Easy," Bobby Gardiner "Melodeon Mad," Andrew MacNamara "From Camden to Tulla," John Redmond "Box Sets,"  Dan Brouder "Waltz for Joy," Daire Mulhern "Boxman," Mícheál Darby Ó Fátharta "An Rithim Réidh," Tony MacMahon "Farewell to Music," Johnny Og Connolly "Siar," Jimmy O'Sullivan "Premier Sound," Dan Possumato "Mostly Melodeon," Mick Mulcahy "The Reel Note," Donie Nolan "Banks of the Abha Bhán," Seamus Walshe, "Turas" (2014)

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Custy's, Claddagh Records, Ossian USA & - for hard to find recordings.
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Alan Ng's - IrishTune.Info   -  a great music tune index with sound clips.
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Catskills Box Instructors
2021 Virtual
Billy McComiskey
2020 Virtual
Billy McComiakey, Dan Gurney, Patty Furlong
Billy McComiskey, Dan Gurney, Patty Furlong, Damien Connolly, Mirella Murray
Billy McComiskey, Patty Furlong, Dan Gurney, Mirella Murray
Billy McComiskey, Patty Furlong, Dan Gurney, Colm Gannon
Billy McComiskey, Jackie Daly, Benny McCarthy, Patty Furlong, Charlie Piggott
Billy McComiskey, Jackie Daly, Dan Gurney, John Nolan, Patty Furlong, Mirella Murray
Jackie Daly, Billy McComiskey, John Nolan, James Keane, Patty Furlong, Dan Gurney
Mairtin O'Connell, Dan Gurney, Sean McComiskey, John Nolan, Patty Furlong
Dermot Byrne, Jackie Daly, Billy McComiskey, Patty Furlong, Loretta Egan Murphy, Mirella Murray
Colm Gannon, Jackie Daly, Billy McComiskey, Patty Furlong, John Nolan, Mirella Murray
Damien Connolly, Jackie Daly, Billy McComiskey, Danny O'Mahoney, John Whelan
Damien Connolly, Jackie Daly, Billy McComiskey, Martin Donohoe, Jimmy Keane
Billy McComiskey, Patty Furlong, Danny O'Mahony, John Nolan

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Audio Samples, Reviews, Videos, and Performances
Button Accordion Featured Artists

Abrams, Bob (C#/D) Home
The Spider's Web (2003) *** 1/2
A Fool's Advice (1999) ***

Begley, Brendan (C#/D & D Melodeon) Home 
We Won't Go Home 'Til Morning (1997)**** , Samples, ArtistDirect, Review,LT
O Oiche Go Maidean, GdNight****, Samples, iTunes

Set Dances of Ireland (Melodeon)w J.O'Leary & T.O"Connor ***1/2
A Moment of Madness (2007-2010) w Caoimhin O Raghallaigh Samples, Stateofchassis, CDbaby,Custys
Beginish **** (2000) Samples, Tara, Review,LT
Stormy Weather **** (2001)
In the Shadow (2011) Samples, CDbaby 
Seana Choirce (2012 re-issue of 1987 album) Claddagh, Samples

Begley, Seamus & S. Cooney (D/D#) also(C#/D?)
Meiteal (1996), Samples, Amazon, Review,LT
Begley, Seamus & Jim Murray(C#/D?) Home Page
Ragairne (2001) ***1/2, Review, IMR,
Eiri Go La (2009) Sample, Custys
Disgrace Notes (May 2010) Sample, Custy's
Le Chéile / Together (March 2012) Samples, CDBaby 

Ni Bheaglaoich, Meabh (Daughter of Seamus Begley)
Cuisle (2015) CDBaby

Beoga **** (Seán Óg Graham & Damian McKee) Home
Beagamischief (Jan 2007) Samples, Beoga
Beoga-A Lovely Madness (2004) Samples, Beoga
How to Tune a Fish (2011) Samples, All Celtic
Before We Change Our Mind (2016) CDBaby

Breslin, Darren Video 181-1, Video 181-7a, Video 181-7b, Video 182-7, Video, Fleadh, Video286-3, Video279-2
All-Ireland Champion (2008), Sample, Custy's

Brock, Paul (B/C, C/C# and D Melodeon)MovingCloud
Omos Do Joe Cooley ****(C/C#) Sample,Claddagh
Mo Chairdin **** (1995) Samples, Amazon , Sample, AllCelticMusic
Moving Cloud (C/C#) Samples, ArtistDirect
Brock McGuire Band (2004) Home
Humdinger (2006) (Melodeon) Samples, iTunes, Samples, CDWorld, Review, LivTrad 
Green Grass Blue Grass (2011 a deviation from Celtic)  Samples, AllCeltic

Brouder, Dan
The Lark's Air (Nov 2011) Samples, Claddagh
A Waltz for Joy (2017)  Home Page

Brosnan, John (C#/D)
The Cook In The Kitchen (1996) Track List, TheSession

Browne, Leo
The Slopes of Knocklayde Tracks, Quinn

Browne, Peter
Sidewinder (2019)  Amazon

Buchanan, Beverly (B/C) (Broadway Irish) Home with Samples
Liam's Fancy: A Night In the Pub ***1/2

Bugler, Seamus (B/C), Video 257-5
The Luck Penny ***1/2 (2004)
Life in the Slow Lane (2011) Sample, Custys

Burke, Joe (B/C) Home, History, RamblingHouse
The Bucks of Oranmore (1996)
The Morning Mist (2002) **** (D/D#) Samples, CdBaby
Tailor’s Choice (1983) Samples, Amazon
Traditional Music of Ireland (1983(1973) Track List, Amazon
Galway's Own Track listing, AllCeltic
Two Classic Albums (2007=1973+1996) Sample, AllCeltic
Joe Burke & Sean McGuire
Two Champions
Joe Burke et al.
Tribute to Michael Coleman (1994) Samples, Amazon
The Funny Reel Samples, Amazon
Happy to Meet You (1986) Samples, Amazon
Joe Burke, Brian Conway, Felix Dolan
Tribute to Andy McGann (July 2007) Sample, CIC, Samples & Reviews, Copperplate
Traditional Irish Music Collection/Book (2011) Custy's

Buttons and Bows (Jackie Daly)
Buttons and Bows (1993) Samples, Amazon
Grace Notes (1994) Samples, Amazon
First Month of Summer (1987) Samples, Amazon

Byrne, Dermot (of Altan) w D.Lunny (B/C also C#/D) Video, RTEtv
Dermot Byrne (1966)**** Samples, Amazon
Dermot Byrne and Pierre Schryer
Dermot Byrne/Pierre Schryer **** Samples, Claddaghrecords
Dermot Byrne & James Byrne (mostly fiddle)
The Road to Glenlough ***1/2 Samples, MusicInScotland 

Dermot Byrne Floriane Blancke (2012) Sample, Custy's
Liag - Dermot Byrne, Éamonn Coyle & John Doyle (2019) Amazon
Dermot Byrne and Steve Cooney (2022) Custy's

Canny, John & Kevin Carey (B/C) East Clare
Suantrai (2002) Info, Custys, Tracks, TheSession

Carberry Peter & Angelia (B/C)
Memories from the Holla ****,
Info, Celtic Grooves, Samples & Reviews, Copperplate
Traditional Irish Music from Co. Longford (2010), Samples, Claddagh
Forgotten Gems (2013) with Padraig McGovern,    Sample, Custys

Chulrua (see Paddy O'Brien) Home
Barefoot on the Altar (1999) ***1/2
Down the Back Lane (2003) Samples, Amazon
The Singing Kettle (2006) Samples, CDBaby, Sample, Chulrua

Clancy, Paddy (Accordion Builder)
The Irish Accordion Information, PaddyClancy

Cloonan, Pat (B/C)
Thanksgiving Sample, Alan-Ng

Coffey, Aidan & SeamusCreagh(C#/D&D/D#) Article, FW
Trad Music from Ireland ***1/2 (1999)
Island to Island Samples, Copperplate
Aidan Coffey & Frankie Gavin
Irlande (1994) ****1/2

The Corner House Set (2016) Amazon

Collis, Deirdre
Bosca Ceoil (2002)*** ½ Review, CelticGrooves

Commins, Verena & Julie Langan (B/C + G/G# on a few tracks)
Fonnchaoi ***1/2 , Review,Mustrad, YouTube, YouTube

Conlon, Peter (Melodeon)
The Genius of Peter Conlon (2012) from the 1920's Claddagh, Samples

Connolly, Damien & Pete Mancuso (B/C Kincora, C#D, D Melodeon) (Son of Martin)
Tippin' Away (2001)****, Samples, CDBaby ,

Irish Accordion Tutor, B/C, 95pp, color, DVD, (2008) Unavailable
Inspired (March 2015) CDBaby

Connolly, Martin & Maureen Glynn (B/C) Home , Video 198-6
Back to Brooklyn ***1/2 (1999) Review, Living Trad.
The Fort of Kincora (1987) Reissue (2014) Custy's

Connolly, Johnny (RIP 2019) (B/C & Melodeon) Info, RonanNolan
An t Oilean Aerach. ***1/2 (1983) Samples & Reviews, Copperplate, Sample, CIC
Drioball na Fainleoige ***1/2(1998) Samples & Review, Copperplate, Sample, CIC
An Mileoidean Scaoilte **** (2004) Samples, CDBaby, Sample, AllCeltic, Sample, CIC, Samples & Reviews, Copperplate
Na Damhsai Celi, Sample, CIC
Seoda ne Oilean - Island Treasures (Nov 2010) Custy's, Claddagh
Fear Inis Bearachain (Dec 2018) Custy's

Connolly, Johnny Og & B. McGrath (C#/D)
Dreaming Up the Tunes (1998) Samples & Review, Copperplate, Sample, CIC
& C Lennon:Dusk Till Dawn (2002) Sample, AllCeltic
Joshua's Dream: Aisling Joshua (2011) Sample, Custy's, Samples, All, Celtic

Siar (2016) Custy's
Fad Saoil (2019) artists website
Fear Inis Bearachain (2019) Custys

Connolly, Johnny B. (B/C), MySpace, BridgetownMySpace
Bridgetown (2001)
, Samples, Amazon, Interview & Sample, Rootsworld

Cooley, Joe (D/D#) & Melodeon, YouTube , History,RamblingHouse
Passing Time

Costello, Eamonn (Cairdin) Home Page 
Bosca Ceoil and Fiddle (2010) Samples, Claddagh Records , Amazon, CDBaby

Cronin, John with Daithi Kearney
Midleton Rare (2012) Samples, CDBaby

Cunniffe, Tommie Home , Video, MySpace
Unbuttoned (Aug,2007) Samples, CDBaby

Daly, Jackie (C#/D)

Daly & Creagh (D/D#) **** (1994) Sample, Claddagh
MusicFromSliabhLuachra (1977) Samples, Amazon, Samples & Review, Copperplate
Eavesdropper (1993) Samples, Amazon
Many's A Wild Night***1/2(1996) Samples, CranfordPub
W Maire O’Keeffe: Re-Joyce ***1/2 Review, CelticGrooves Samples, CD World
The Living Stream (2010) w Matt Cranitch Sample, Custy's
Rolling On (July 2014) The Session

Daniels, Luke (B/C Saltarelle) Home
Secret Sessions (2004), Samples, CD Baby
Art of Trio (2009) Samples, LukeD
The Mighty Box (May, 2011) Samples, Claddagh Records
Above the Bellow (2015) Amazon

Davey, Nigel (Plays with Riverdance) Music,YouTube

Deaton, Luke
(& Jane Pomplas)

My Mind Will Never Be Easy (2017) Bandcamp

Derrane, Joe (D/C#), Performance Video, Kennedy Center, History, Shamrockirishmusic
Give Us Another Samples & Info, GL, Samples, Amazon
Irish Accordion (1993) Sample, CranfordPub
Ireland's Harvest **** 1/2, Samples, Amazon , Samples & Review, Copperplate
Return to Inis Mor Samples & Info, GL
, Samples, Amazon
The Tie That Binds, Samples, Amazon
The Boston Edge (2004) Samples & Review, Copperplate
The Man Behind the Box (March 2006) Samples, Amazon, Review, JohnMcGann
Grove Lane (Oct 2010) Samples, CompassRecords
The Joe Derrane & Jerry O'Brien
Irish Accordion Masters (1995) Review, Living Trad
Joe Derrane, Jerry O'Brien, Bobby Gardiner
The Master's Choice

Doherty, Tom b.1913 (D Melodeon, Walthers)
Take the Bull by the Horn Samples,Compass

Doherty, Tom the younger (D Castignari, Eb Van Der Ah, C#/D Hohmor Erica)
Dance Sean Nos (2010) Sample, Custy's

Donohoe, Martin (B/C, C, E/A, P.Sop, Hohner) Home, Video 200-4
Free Spirit (1998), Sample, AllCelticMusic, Samples, CIC
Tasty Touches (2006) (B/C) Samples, MartinD, Review, IrishMusicReview

The Lady's Plaything (2012 not all box)  Samples, Claddagh

Dunn, Tom (B/C)
Musical Memories Info, Amazon

Dwyer, Finbar (B/C) (Brother of Richie)(Cork)
Kitty's Rambles (2009) Samples, CDWorld
Accordion Music From The Soul (May 2007) Sample, AllCelticMusic
Pure Traditional Irish Accordion (1994) Tune, at 35:30 min

Dwyer, Richie (B/C) (Cork)
In A Creative Mood (2002) Samples, CDBaby, Information, Irish Music Review
Now a double CD and Tune Book 90 tunes (2014) See Custy's

Edey, Tim (D/G & C/C#) Webpage
, Video, MP3s from a jam w Gazey. MySpace
Irish Music From The Dingle Peninsula and Beyond (2006) Sample, CDBaby 
Daybreak (Sold out, 2004?) Sample, KentFolk
The Collective (2010) Samples, CDBaby 
The Best of Tim Edey (2012), Samples, CDBaby
Wiggle and Writhe  (2013) Tim Edey & Brendan Power, Amazon

Egan, Eilis (B/C, Briggs) Reeltime, Homepage
Reeltime (1995) Samples, Amazon, Review,LT
Liveitup (1998, Reeltime with L. Daniels) Samples, Amazon, Review,LT

Egan, Larry
Kitchen recordings *** 1/2 Review, CG, Samples & Review, Copperplate, Samples, CDBaby

Egan, Loretta (Mostly D/C#)
Beyond the Watery Lane (2012), Samples, CDBaby

Egan, Maurice
The Hollytree (Oct 2011) Samples, Claddagah

Fahey, Marty
Music at the House **** Samples, CDBaby

Fitzgerald, Joe (B/C)
Hills of Clare (2002) Tracks, thesession , Sample & Video,, Custy's

Fitzpatrick, Michael (Paolo Suprani) Home Page

The Whispering Door (2009)  CDBaby
Numerous Dance recordings  See his Web Site

Fleming, Tom (C#/D & B/C) (of North Kerry) Salterelle
Mixolydian Mix (April 2007)

Friel, Pat Home, HeatherBreeze
Heather Breeze ***
The Skylark
Music in the Glen ***
Waltz of the Bells ***1/2
Humours of Westport (1985-2001)
Lios-a-Phuca (Nov 2009) Info, Mayo News

Furlong, Patty (C#/D & B/C ) Saltarelle Bouebe Home
Trad. Irish Music on B. Acc ***1/2 (1999) Samples, CD Baby

Gannon, Colm (Son of John Gannon) (B/C) also D/D# & Eb Castagnari Max Home MySpace
Return to Droim (July 2005) Sample, AllCelticMusic
Eve with the Crooked Horn (2010) Samples, Claddagh WebPage for Smith & Gannon
Radio interview at (starts at 32:00 min)
Trasna na dTonnta (with John, June 2011) Samples, CDBaby
The Rights of Man (2012) Samples, CDBaby

Gannon, John (Melodeon) YouTube
Melodeon (August, 2006) Sample, AllCeltic
Trasna na dTonnta (with Colm, June 2011) Samples, CD Baby

Gannon, John Joe, Information, Ceoltire
A Blast from The Past (1996) Samples, Claddagh

Gardiner, Bobby (B/C & Hohner, Melodeon G) Video 188-5, Video 249-2, YouTube, YouTube
The Master's Choice (1989) Interview, FolkWorld
Memories of Clare (1962) Review, LivingTrad, Sample, AllCeltic
The Clare Shout (1995)
The High Level (2010) Samples, Claddagh, Custy's
Melodeon Mad (Feb, 2018) Custy's
B/C Irish Button Acc. Tutor, a complete guide (2018)  Custy's

Gavin, Larry (B/C Paolo Soprani) Home
Two Miles To Tulla (2009) Sample, Custy's

Gormley, Daithí
Fiddling Without a Bow (April 2018) Bandcamp

Grace, Ailbe Home
Irish Grace Notes ****
, Samples, AilbeGrace

Gurney, Dan (B/C)  Home Video-Custy's
Traditional Irish Music on the Button Accordion (2012) Samples, CD Baby
Irish Music from the Hudson Valley (July, 2015)  Samples, CDBaby
Ignorance Is Bliss (July 2018) Bandcamp

Hayes, Paddy (B/C Paolo Soprani
The Shores of Lough Melvin **** (2001)
Return to Kilty (1999)

Hayes, Shane
Small Towns in Build Up Areas (2010) Custy's, Sample

Hickey, Derek
Derek Hickey (2022)

Healy, Hugh & Colm (B/C, Salterelle) Home, MySpace, Video
Macalla na hOige **** (2004)

Heneghan, Sheamus and Family
Caught in the Surf (2002) Tracks, TheSession

Herlihy, Dan (B/C) RTE Interview, Prog 17, 5m15s & 25m50s
The Ballydesmond Polka (B/C ~2000) ***1/2 Sample, AllCeltic
The Night of the Fair (C/C# ~1996) Sample, Allceltic

Hernon, Oisin & Conal
Up and Coming (2008) Samples, CIC, Samples & Review, Copperplate

Hernon, P.J. (B/C & Melodeon)
P.J. Hernon **** Samples, Artistdirect
(Swallow’s Tail Ceili Band) “Hell for Leather” ****
The Grouse in the Heather ***1/2
Beal a'Murlaigh ***1/2, Sample, AllCeltic
(Feenish) "Rabharta" (2002) ****,
Buail Cois Air (Jan 2009) Sample, AllCeltic

Buail Cois EILE Air (2014) Sample, Claddagh
First House in Connaught (2019?) Claddagh
P J Hernon and Sons (2020) Custys

Keane, Conor (C#/D & D/D#) (4 Men & a Dog) YouTube1, YouTube2
Cooley's House (1993)
Oidhreacht (1997) Review, LivingTrad
Joao De Deus (Oct.2005) YouTube3
How to Play the Push/Draw Accordion (2009), Trad&now, Reviews
Rough and Ready (2014), Custys

Keane, James (B/C) Home, Blogspot, Video 212-5
Roll Away the Reel World (1993) Samples, Amazon
That's the Spirit (1994) Samples, Amazon, Sample, AllCeltic
With Friends Like These (1998) Samples, Amazon
Sweeter As the Years Roll By (1999) Samples, Amazon
Live In Dublin (2000)**** Sample, AllCelticMusic, Samples, CDBaby
Atlantic Wave (1971-1997, See Mulvihill)
Toss the Feathers 1996 (re-issue as download only, 2006)
Fingal with Daithi Sproule & Randal Bays (2008) Video 240-2

Heir of the Dog (2012) Samples, Claddagh

Keegan, Kevin (B/C)
The Music of Kevin Keegan **** (2004) , Samples & Reviews, Copperplate

Kimmel, John J. Examples, Besmark
Early Rec. of Irish Trad. Dance Music

King, P.J. (C#/D)
Damp in the Attic (I Was Flying It) Review, CelticGrooves, Magnetic, Review,LT

Lavelle, John
Home Alone Samples, JohnLavelle
RTE-1963 with Joe Cooley 19 complete tracks, John Lavelle

Learai, Sonai Choilm (Melodeon)
Ceann Golaim: Art of Irish Accordian Music Tracks, Amazon,UK, Sample, CIC

Leahy, Christy
Christy Leahy & Caoimhin Vallely (2010), Samples,CDBaby

Lonely Stranded Band (See Charlie Piggott)
The Lonely Stranded Band Review,LivingTrad

MacMahon, Tony (D/D#)
Home, YouTube1, YouTube2 , YouTube3
In Knocknagree (Ig Cnoc na Grai) (1992) Samples, Amazon, Samples & Reviews, Copperplate
Music of Dreams (1994/1999) Review, LT, Tracks, Amazon
MacMahon from Clare **** Sample, Custy's,
Traditional Irish Accordion Samples, CDWorld, Samples, Amazon
Live in Spiddal (Oct 2014) See Tony's Website
Farewell to Music (Nov, 2016) Raelach Records

MacNamara, Andrew (C#/D) YouTube Home 
Open Hearth ****
Dawn *** ½ (1999) Sample,Custy's
Live at Winkles
No Compromise (Organ) ***
Live at Lena’s ****
The Lahawns (Best of Winkles&Lena's) (March 2008) Sample, ElecScot, Sample, AllCeltic
Flagstone Memories (2011) Sample, Custys 
The Boruma Trio (2014) Custy's
From Camden to Tulla (June 2017) Bandcamp

Madden, Joe (rip) ,Video184-5, Video 243-2, Video 242-6
A Galway Afternoon (2010) produced by Joanie Madden, Custy's

Maguire, Tommy
Kiss Me Kate with Liz Carroll (1995) Samples,Amazon

Marsh, Josephine (B/C) Home, Video, RTEtv
Josephine Marsh *** (2000) Samples, Tara, Samples, Amazon

Music In the Frame (2018) Claddagh Records

The Josephine Marsh Band
I Can Hear You Smiling (2002)

McAuley, Mick (of Solas) (B/C - Paolo Soprani) MySpace
An Ocean's Breadth (2003) Samples, Amazon
Mick McAuley & Winifred Horan
Serenade (January 2006) Amazon

Sailing Back to You w Winifred Horan & Colm O Caoimh(Oct 2012) Amazon 
Highs & Bellows (2016)  Bandcamp

McCann, Leo (C/C# - Briggs)
If Anyone Can! Tracks, AllCelticMusic
Caught up (March 1997) with Cornerhouse

McCarthy, Benny (B/C Salterelle also a D/D# Gilliard and a C#/D Salt.)
(See Danu) Home YouTube
Rattle the Boards (Debut-1999) Samples,CDBaby, Review, Folk World
Teac A Bloc, Music from the Show (2004)
The Parish Platform (2008) Samples, CDBaby, Samples & Reviews, Copperplate
By Hook or by Crook (2012) Samples, Custy's
Ag Fogairt an Lae with the Raw Bar Collective (2016) Custy's

McCarthy, Conor (B/C) Home YouTube
Late in the Night **** (2002) (3 voice Cairdin)
Selection Box *** ½ (2000) Samples & Reviews, McCarthy, Sample, AllCeltic
with Annemarie McCormack
Ace & Deuce ***1/2 (1998)(Kincora) Description, McCarthy

McCarthy, Johnny (B/C - Cairdin) (Father of Conor)

Solo Run **** Info, McCarthy

Steele's Rock (2013) Sample, Custy's

McComiskey, Billy (B/C), Performances, Kennedy Center Video 285-4 , Video 250-5, Video 243-3, Video 242-4, Video 242-1, Video-199-6
Makin’ the Rounds Samples, Amazon
Trian Samples, Amazon
Trian II Samples, Amazon
One More Time (1999) ***1/2 Info, CelticGroves
Outside The Box (2008) **** Review, CelticGrooves, Samples, Amazon

McGillian, John and John Brennan
As Long As You're Enjoying Yourself, Sample , Irish Fiddle

McGrath, Jim
(Button Box & Melodeon)
Melodious Accord **** (2004) Sample, AllCeltic, Review, Mustard, Tracks,Cranford

McGrath, John
Ceili Accordion Samples, Claddagh
Ceili Time (2014) Samples, Claddadgh

McGrath, Vincent (Original comp.) Home
O Cheartlar Mo Chroi (Spring in the Air)*** ½ Samples, McGrath

McKee, Damian (B/C?) See Beoga Video 291-1, Video 260-3
Mind The Step
Irish Dancer Tracks, IrishRecords, YouTube

McNamara, Christy
(B/C) Home & Sample East Clare
The House I Was Reared In (2007) Sample, AllCeltic

Melia, Simon (1957-1994) (D/G)
Last Night's Fun Samples, AcrossThe Borders (unavailable) YouTube

Mellett, Tommy
An Tower (2018) Claddagh

Mitchell, Shane (B/C  Briggs)
(See Dervish listed under "Larger Groups")

Moreau, Jean-Paul Home
The Three Hand Reel

Morairty, Conor  YouTube 

All in a Day's Play (2012)  Samples, AllCeltic 
The Trí-Tones (2014) Samples, website and CDBaby

Mulcahy, Mick (B/C & Melodeon) Home Video284-6 , Video 252-3, Video 248-1, Video 238-2, Video 237-1
and Friends, Agus Cairde (1990, not 1995) Sample, AllCeltic, Tracks, Amazon
The Mulcahy Family (2000) Samples, Amazon
Notes From the Heart (2005) ***** Samples & Reviews, Copperplate, Samples, CIC
Mick Mulcahy (Sept 2006, remastered 1976) Sample,ElectricScott
Reelin'in Tradition (2009) Mulcahy Music Samples, Copperplate
The Reel Note (2016) with family, CDBaby

Mulhaire, Martin with Connolly & Coen (B/C) YouTube
Warming Up (1993) Samples, Amazon

Mulhern, Daire
Boxman (2017) Soundcloud

13 (2012) Sample, Custys  

Mulvihill, Charlie (D/C# Walthers) & James Keane
Atlantic Wave (1971 & 1997) Samples, ArtistDirect

Munnelly, David (C#/D) Home, Performance, Kennedy Center
Swing (2001), Sample,AllCeltic, Samples, Amazon
By Heck (2005), Samples, Amazon
“Irish Unplugged” DVD Info, FrancesBlack
David Munnelly Band Live (Sept, 2007) w Castagnari Max Samples, CDBaby
110 Irish Button Accordion Tunes (2007) w Companion Book (Walton Pub.) Info,Eagle
Tight Squeeze (Nov 2009) Sample, AllCeltic
'Tiz What It Is" (2012) Sample, CDBaby

Murphy, Donal (C/C#) (B/C& C#D?) argh! Paolo Soprani Home, Video 268-4, Video 223-5, Video-222-5
Sliabh Notes: Along Blackwater’s ***1/2, Samples & Reviews, Copperplate
Sliabh Notes (1996) Samples, ArtistDirect
Sliabh Notes: Gleanntan ****
Happy Hour (2009) Samples, CDBaby
Breaking Trad (2015)  CD Baby

Murphy, Loretta Egan (Mostly D/C#)
Beyond the Watery Lane (2012), Samples, CDBaby

Nea, Colin (B/C) RTE Interview, Prog 18, 20m45s
The Pure Box **** Samples-Downloads, iTunes

Between the Jigs and the Reels (2012)  Sample, Custys

Nolan, Donie 

The Banks of the Abha Bhán (2016) Custy's, YouTube, Claddagh

Nolan, John (B/C), Info, Shamrock Video,Quinn
A Rake of Reels ***1/2 (2000) Tracks, Amazon
Morning Star: Ga **
Morning Star:Away Ye Go Now ** 1/2
A Taste for the Traditional (1988) See John for CD purchase (originally cassette)

Ó Beaglaoich, Brenndán (accordion, melodean, Many tunes in C# & F#)

Seana Choirce (1987-reissue 2012)  Samples, IrishTune.Info

O'Brien, Paddy of Tippereary (R.I.P. 1922-1991) (B/C)

The Banks of the Shannon (1993) Samples, Amazon
The Compositions of Paddy O'Brien, Old Edition - 1 disc, (1993) by Eileen
The Compositions of Paddy O'Brien 1922-1991, New Edition-3 cds (2017) Custys

O'Brien, Paddy (B/C), Home, Performance, Kennedy Center Home, YouTube
Stranger at the Gate *** 1/2 (1988) w Sproule & Hart Samples, ArtistDirect, Samples, Amazon
Snug in the Blanket ***1/2 (2004) w Sproule & Gans Midi, CranfordPub
Trad. Music of Ireland (1995) w Sproule & Kelly Samples, Amazon
The Paddy O'Brien Tune Collection (10 CDs) Description
Chulrua: Barefoot on the Alter***1/2(1999) w Britton & Egan Samples, ArtistDirect
Chulrua: Down the Back Lane (2003) w Britton & Egan Samples, ArtistDirect
Chulrua: The Singing Kettle (2006) w Ourceau & Egan, Sample, Chulrua, Sample, CDBaby
The Sailer's Cravat (2011) w Erin Hart, Tom Schaefer & Paul Wehling, Samples, Paddy 

Mixing the Punch (Oct 2011) Samples, NewFolk 
Bright and Early (Dec 2014) Paddy

O'Brien, Ena (B/C) Video 212-1, Video 251-5
The Galway Rambler ***1/2 Sample, AllCeltic

O’Connor, Liam Home YouTube
The Awakening
Reel Spirit (2003)
Live at the Citywest Hotel

O'Connor, Mairtin (C#/D, 2 & 2-1/2 row) YouTube MySpace
Chatterbox (1993) Review,FolkMusic , Samples,Amazon
Connachtman's Rambles, B/C ? ***1/2 Sample, Amazon
Rain of Light Samples, Tara
Perpetual Motion (D/D# says Musicscotland) Samples, Tara
The Road West Samples, Tara Review, T ara ,D/D#? Saltarelle

Inside the Box, Outside the Box, Book of Orig. Compositions (2011) Custys
Going Places (2012) Custy's 

O’Connor, Paudie (B/C)
Different State (2005) Information, Patrick O'Keeffe , Sample, AllCelticMusic
Wind and Reeds (2008) Wind and Reeds
Didn't She Dance and Dance (2014) with Aoife Ni Chaoimh  CDBaby

O'Drisceoil, Con ‘fada’ (C#/D) YouTube
The Square Triangle (The Four Star Trio, 1998) Info, TerryM
It’s No Secret (2001) Samples & Reviews, Copperplate

Magnetic South (Four Star Trio, 2014) Amazon

Ó Fatharta, Micheál Darby (D-Melodeon, Castagnari-Max)
Bosca Bídeach ***1/2 (2000)

An Rithim Réidh (2017) CDBaby

Og Graham, Sean (see Beoga) MySpace

O’Halloran, John (Melodeon & C#/D) YouTube
But Why Johnny? **** 1/2 At Custy's

O’Leary, Johnny (C#/D) YouTube
The Trooper ***1/2
JohnnyOLearyOfSliabhLuachra **** Sample, AllCeltic
(AKA:DanceMusic fromthe Cork-Kerry Border) Info, TerryM
Set Dances of Ireland ***1/2

O'Mahony, Danny (Paolo Soprani)
In Retrospect (2011) Sample, Custy's
As It Happened (2012)  Sample, Custy's  

O'Neill, John
A Place That's Home (2018) Claddagh

O'Reilly, Damien
Dúchas (2019) Amazon, Website

O Se, Jimmy (C Melodeon)
Malairt Poirt O Fionntra (2006) Samples, CD World

O Se, Maidhc Dainin Home YouTube-Sideways
O Thuaidh (2001) Review, LT, Sample, O Se
O Chicago Go Carrachan (1998) Sample, AllCeltic, Samples, CIC

O'Suilleabhain, Caoilte
Before Leaving (2002)
Sample, Indie (Search by name)

O'Sullivan, Eoghan & G.Harrington (C#/D) Home
Sceal Eile
Eoghan O'Sullivan, G.Harrington, Gra
The Smoky Chimney Samples,AllCeltic
Eoghan O'Sullivan & Pat O'Connor YouTube
Conversation At the Crosses (Oct 2009) Sample, All Celtic

O'Sullivan, Jimmy
The Mountain Top (2010) Samples Claddagh
Premier Sound (2016)  Claddagh

Owens, Annette with Brenda McCann & Brian Mc Grath
Fly By Night (2014) Samples, Annette&BrendaMusic

Piggott, Charlie & Gerry Harrington
The New Road **** (C#/D) (2002) Samples, Amazon, Samples & Reviews, Copperplate
The Lonely Stranded Band (1996) Tracks, Music in Scotland, Review, LT
The Days That Are Gone (2019) Bandcamp

Possumato, Dan (C Melodeon & D/G Box) Home
Land of Sunshine (March, 2006) Amazon
Pulling Out the Stops (May 2010) Amazon
Tunes Inside (Sept 2014) Amazon
Mostly Melodeon (2016) Amazon
Last Pint (Dec 2018) Bandcamp, Amazon

Quinn, Martin(B/C & Bb/B?, D Melodeon) Home, Video 214-2, Video-232-6
Angella Carberry & Martin Quinn **** Samples & Reviews, Copperplate
Jig Away the Donkey (May 2011) Samples, Claddagh

Rafferty, Mary (B/C), Performance with Ch The Ladies, Kennedy Center
Hand Me Downs **** (2002) Samples, CDBaby
Rafferty, Mike & Mary (B/C) Home Video 242.5
The Dangerous Reel ***1/2 (1996)
The Old Fireside Music **** Samples, BarnsAndNoble
The Road from Ballinakill **** (2001) Samples, CD Baby

Redmond, John, Interview, Rootsworld
East to Northeast Order,Ossianusa

Box Sets (2016) CDBaby

Regan, John Video 290-5
Let Down the Blade *** 1/2 Samples & Reviews, Copperplate
The Slopes of Benbulben
(also see Na Connerys below) Samples,Amazon

Over the Bog Road (w Patsy Moloney 2014) CDBaby

Reidy, Johnny YouTube
Music for Set Dancing
Music for Set Dancing Vol. 2 (2009) Sample, AllCeltic

Reilly, Martin
Marie & Martin Reilly Info, TheSession

Roche, Jonathan Home MySpace

Ryan, Paddy
The High Level (2000) Formerly at Custys

Ryan, Murty (B/C) & Siobhan Peoples Video 249-1, Video 237-4
Time on Our Hands **** Samples, All Celtic

Searson, Joe (Cairdin)
Come West (2015) Samples, Claddagh

Sexton, Micheal & Pat Walsh (B/C - source, Steve Jones) YouTube, YouTube, YouTubeYouTube, Info, SetDanceNews
Play the Keys, (Oct, 2007) Formerly found at Custy's
CDs seem to be available at performances only.
Out The Gap (1995) Review,LivingTrad, Samples, Amazon
Sharon Shannon (1994) Samples, Amazon
Each Little Thing (1997) Samples, Amazon
Spellbound: The Best of Sharon Shannon (1999) Samples, Amazon
Live In Galway (2002) Samples,Amazon, Review,LT
Tunes (2005) Samples, Amazon
Upside Down (2005)
Libertango (2004) Samples, Amazon, Sample,AllCetlicMusic
The Diamond Mountain Sessions (2001) Samples, Amazon, Review,LT
The Collection (2005) Sample, AllCelticMusic
Live@Dolans (2006 both CD & DVD) Samples,Amazon, Sample, AllCelticMusic

Renegade (2007) Samples, ArtistDirect
The Galway Girl (Best of SS) (2008) Samples, ArtistDirect
Saints and Scoundrels (Sept 2009) Samples,Amazon, Sample, All Celtic
Collaborations (Nov 2010) (Not too accordion-ish) Claddagh
Flying Circus (2012) Claddagh, Samples
Sacred Earth (2019?)  Claddagh

Sheehy, Natasha
Ship In The Clouds (Dec 2020) Bandcamp

Shiels, Denise
Champions of Ireland, Accordion (2006) Samples, CD World, Review, IMR

Staunton, Mary (B/C), Home
Bright Early Mornings (C#/D?) (1998)
Interview, Rootsworld, Review,LT
Circle of Friends (C#/D?)(2010)

Stevens, Christian Home

many albums with groups, no solo albums

Trabjerg, Anders (C#/D,D/D#,Melodeon,5-Row?) Home, MySpace, YouTube
Boxed Review,LivingTrad
For The Same Reason (2004) Samples,Geocities
The Great Danes in Ireland (Dec 2008) Custys, Samples & Videos, MySpace

Trian(Billy McComiskey, et. al.)
Trian Samples, Amazon
Trian II Samples,Amazon, Samples, GL

Walsh, John
The Magpies Nest Sample, TradIreland
The Galway Rambler Sample, TradIreland

Walsh, Marie Home, YouTube
The Red Box (2005) Sample, AllCeltic

Walshe, Seamus (B/C)
Clare Accordion (1996) Samples,Walshe
Trad. Music of Ireland on Button Ac.(1981) Info,TheSession
Turas (2104)  CDBaby

Wells, Graham (C#/D) MySpace YouTube(hidden on right)
Island to Island (2003) (See Aidan Coffey) Samples, Copperplate
Traditional Music of Newfoundland (2008) CD Cover

Whelan, Joe (B/C)
They Sailed Away From Dublin Bay (2003?) Info&Reviews, Veteran, Sample,MusicOfScotland

Whelan, John (B/C)
Home Video 197-2, Video 251-3, Video 250-3, Video 243-1
From the Heart (re-release) (2002) Samples, Amazon
Celtic Fire (2001) Samples, Amazon
Celtic Crossroads (1997) Samples, Amazon
Come To The Dance (1999) Samples, Amazon

Celtic Roots (2002) Samples, Amazon
Fresh Takes (with Eileen Ivers, 1993) Samples, Amazon
Celtic Reflections (1996) Samples, Amazon
Flirting with the Edge (1998) Samples, Amazon

Passage of Time (2013)  Samples, CDBaby

Williams, John (B/C), Home
John Williams (1994)

Steam (2001) Samples,Amazon, Samples, GL

Raven (2006) Samples, Amazon

Various Artists
Set Dances of Ireland (Melodeon)w B. Begley & J. O'Leary ***1/2
The Big Squeeze (1993) Samples, Amazon
Cairde Cairdin (2007)by fiddler - Diarmuid O'Brien, Home, DO
Larger Groups That Include Button Accordion
Lightly researched
Altan Home w Dermot Byrne
Blackwater (1996)
Local Ground (March 2005) Samples, Amazon
irst Ten Years (1995)
The Best of Altan , The Songs (2003)
Samples, Amazon
The Best of Altan (1997)
Celtic Collections (1997)
Runaway Sunday (1997)
Island Angel (1993)

The Blue Idol (2002)
Harvest Storm (1992)
Red Crow (1992)

Altan's Finest (2000)
Another Sky (2000)
Horse With A Heart (1993)

Altan (1993)

The Angel Band
Instrumental Music in the Celtic Trad
County Meath: an O'Carolan Sojourn

After The Ball w Jackie Daly(1992)
Many Happy Returns w Conor Keane(1995) Samples, JR

Beoga **** (Seán Óg Graham & Damian McKee) Home
Beagamischief (Jan 2007) Samples, Beoga
Beoga-A Lovely Madness (2004) Samples, Beoga

How to Tune a Fish (2011) Samples, AllCelticBoys of the Lough Home
The West of Ireland (1999)w Brendan Begley
Lonesome Blues and Dancing Shoes (2002) w Brendan Begley
Twenty (2005) w Brendan Begley
Prior to 1999 there is very little accordion

Cherish the Ladies, Performance, Kennedy Center, Home
Out and About (1993) w Maureen Doherty

New Day Dawning (1996) w Mary Raffety

Threads of Time (1998) w Mary Rafferty Samples, Amazon
One and All: The Best of (1998)

At Home (1999) w Mary Rafferty Samples, Amazon
The Girls Won't Leave the Boys Alone w Mary Rafferty (2001) Samples, Amazon
The Back Door (1992)

On Christmas Night (2004) Samples, Amazon
Across the Waves w Mirella Murray
Woman of the House (Sept 2005)w Mirella Murray Samples, Amazon

Danu(BrendenMcCarthy)(C#/D, D/D#), Performance, Kennedy Center
Up In The Air
All Things Considered
The Road Less Traveled
Think Before You Think
One Night Stand DVD Reviews, Copperplate

Dervish (w Shane Mitchell C#/D) , Performance, Kennedy Center, Home
Live in Palma (2 disk) (1997)
Midsummer's Night (1999)
At the End of the Day (1996)
Playing With Fire (1995)
Harmony Hill (1993)
Spirit (2003)
A Healing Heart (2005)
Travelling Show (2007)
Many additonal CDs

De Dannan Home
How The West Was Won, Best of…
Star Spangled Molly (Daly)
Selected Jigs & Reels (Piggott)
A Jacket of Battries (Aiden Coffey)
Hibernain Rhapsody (1996) (Derek Hickey)
Welcome to the Hotel Connemara
and many additional recordings

Four Men and a Dog, Home
Barking Mad (1991) w Donal Murphy (C/C#)
Shifting Gravel (1993) w Conor Keane
Doctor A's Secret Remedies (1995) no accordion?
Long Roads (1996) no accordion?
Maybe Tonight (2002) w D Murphy & Mairtin O'Connor Samples, 4 Men
Wallop the Spot (2007) Sample, AllCeltic, Samples, 4 Men

The Irish Tradition w Billy McComiskey
The Corner House (2000) Samples, Amazon

The Times We've Had (1993) Tracks, Amazon

Moving Cloud (w/Paul Brock) (B/C)
Moving Cloud
(1995) Samples, Amazon
Foxglove (1998) Samples, Amazon

Na Connerys (w John Regan)
Celtic Sessions (1997) Samples, Amazon
Celtic Sessions II, "Fire in Our Hearts" (2001) Tracks, The Session Review,CelticGroves
The Best of Irish Pub (2007) Samples, iTunes

North Cregg (Christy Leahy C#/D) Home
And The Danced All Night(1999)*** ½ Review, CG
Mi:Da:Za(2001) *** ½ Review, LT, Review, CG
Summer at my Feet (2003)*** ½ Samples, North Creeg

The Roseland Barndance (Feb 2007 ) Sample, AllCeltic, Samples & Video
, MySpace

Patrick Street w Jackie Daly Home
(Andy Irvine Home Page)
Patrick Street (1998)
Irish Times (1990)
Live from Patrick Street (1998)

Street Life (2002)

All in Good Time (1993)

Best of.. (1995)
Compendium: The Best of (2000)
Cornerboys (1996)

Patrick Street (1988) Samples,Amazon

Made in Cork (1997)
No.2 Patrick Street (1998)
On The Fly (2007) Samples, CDBaby

Shaskeen Home
Atlantic Breeze (with Charlie Harris)
Mouse Behind the Dresser
Collection of Irish Jigs & Reels (1998) Sample, AllCelticMusic
Irish Pub Session (2006) Sample, AllCeltic
Irish Jigs & Reels (2006) Cover,
Walking Up Town (2009) w Patsy McDonagh Sample, AllCeltic
Numerous other CDs

Skylark (with Mairtin O'Connor)
All of It (1993) Sample, MusicScotland
Light and Shade (1994) Sample, Claddagh
Raining Bicycles Sample, MusicScotland, Samples, Claddagh, Review,LT

Solas, w Mick McAuley Home, MySpace
The Words That Remain
Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers
Another Day
The Hour Before Dawn
The Edge Of Silence
For Love and Laughter (2008) Samples, MySpace

Téada (with Paul Finn) Home Page
Teada (2003) Samples & Reviews, Copperplate
Give Us A Penny (La an Dreoilin) (Paul Finn)(2004) Samples, Amazon
Inne Amarach (Aug 2006) **** Review, Celtic Grooves, Samples, Amazon

Tulla Ceili Band
Celebration of 50 years.. Samples, Compass

Piano Accordion
Lightly researched
Craig, Leslie (Piano Accordion)
Music for Irish Dancing

Joyce, Kevin (Piano Accordion)
Back to the Start ***1/2
The Final Round ***

Keane, Jimmy (Piano Accordion) of Bohola , Performance, Kennedy Center, Bohola Homepage, Keane Homepage
Bohola (2001)
Bohola 3 (2002)
Bohola 4 (2004)
Bohola 5 (2006)
Bohola: Jimmy Keane & Pat Broaders (2008) Samples, CDbaby
Bits of Bohola (2008 download only)
bo Ho Ho hola (2008) Samples, CDBaby

Kelly, Alan (Piano Accordion), Home with samples & video
Out of the Blue
Fourmilehouse ****
Mosaic **1/2,
After the Morning (2009)
Small Towns and Famous Nights (2011) Samples, Custys 

Kelly, Father P.J. 1926-2006 (Piano Accordion)
RTE interview, March 25 at 15:14

Loughlin, Oliver (Piano Accordion)
Siona: Launching the Boat ****
The Factory Turn (2007) **** w Damian O'Brien, Samples, CopperPlate

McElroy Band (Piano Accordion)
Sets Ceili
Sets Ceili 2

Murray, Mirella (Piano Accordion) MySpace
Three Sunsets (2002) **** Review, Mustard

Quinn, Sean (Piano Accordion) Home
Keynotes Info, Quinn
Larry's Little Box
Popular Ceili Dances 1 Info, Quinn
Popular Ceili Dances 2 Info, Quinn
The Ceili Beat

Tweed, Karen (Piano Accordion) Home MySpace, Video 235-6
Half as Happy as We
Drops of Springwater ***1/2
The Silver Spire ***1/2
CD-ROM Tutorial ****
and many others, see her home page

Warner, Dean
Northern Box (2009) Sample, Custy's

Check out these additional sites.
Transcribe! is a practice tool which create loops played at any speed and pitch. One can simply drag a tune into it from iTunes and zap, you're playing side by side with the best. Very handy.
Irish Harmonica Discography (IrishMusicReview)

And special thanks to Bob Abrams for selling me his lovely Cairdin.